IT System Administrator Staff

Tiếng Anh/ Tiếng Hàn
KCN Tràng Duệ
Hàn Quốc
Việt Nam
Hải Phòng
2 năm kinh nghiệm trở lên

- University qualification: Bachelor/Master) in Computer Science or
related degree.

- At least 2 years’ experience

- Working experience for management IT system. (Server / PC / Printer )

- Cisco certificated is preferred (CCNA, CCNP)

- Good at IT security for Hardware / Software.

- Telephone / PBX system maintenance experience. (Not mandatory)

- By using Microsoft Excel/Word/Power point and making any report.

- Fluent communicate in English

- Management IT general control policy.

- Design network / server construction based on control policy.

- Support installation network device into plant expansion area.
(Supervise vendor for cabling and modifiation core switch (Cisco))

- Management network for Bridgestone private LAN

- Management servers (Active Directroy, Fire server, Proxy server)

- Security device management

- Trouble shooting for system problem.
(Sometime need to communicate with technician of vendor / maker)

- Planning and execution of the maintenance

- Report to manager about problem and request from users.

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